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Web Templates Frequently Asked Questons
  What payment methods are available?
  You can purchase our products online using PayPal .
  What do you mean by "instant download"?
  Our entire ordering process is automated, so as soon as you finish paying for your templates you will receive an email with download instructions.
  I paid for my order but I haven't received my download instructions yet. What's going on?
  There are a few reasons why this may happen:
  • Nonworking email address
    There may have been some kind of technical failure during the delivery of the email.

  • PayPal eCheck
    PayPal gives its members the option to pay using eChecks. These are similar to regular payments except the funds do not actually transfer for 4-5 days. If you send us one of these, we will have to wait until the funds clear before sending you your items.
If you suspect the problem has to do with your email address or if you have any questions, please contact us . Be sure to provide your order number, delivery email address, and an alternate email address to contact you.
  My hard drive crashed and I lost all the items I ordered from you. Can I download my order again?
  Yes we can -- contact us with the email address you used at the time of your order. Please note that we will only resend your order to the original delivery email address.
  I'm having trouble ordering from your site. What do I do?
  Please contact us with the names of the templates you wish to purchase. We will arrange for an alternative way for you to purchase them.
  What is a web template?
  A web template is a web page without any content, similar to other kinds of templates you may have come across (such as document templates in a word processor and greeting card templates).

However, all templates share a common purpose: to quickly get you started on your project. For websites, designing an actual layout can take a while, and actually coding the layout in HTML can take even longer. Using a pre-made web template takes care of these layout issues, giving you more time to focus on the content of the website.
  What are the benefits of purchasing a web template?
  The most noticeable benefit of purchasing a web template is that it is extremely affordable. By paying less than $40, you receive a high-end design created by professional web designers, royalty free and ready to use.
  If I develop websites for customers, can I use your templates?
  Yes, you are free to purchase our templates for your client's websites. This is ideal for designers who wish to provide their customers with high-quality work but do not have the time to start a new design from scratch. Note : This is subject to some restriction. For more information please read our Terms of Use .
  I have/am making a site about [something] , do you have a template for that?
  Aside from our Themed category of templates, the rest of the categories are set up by style . This means that instead of choosing a template for a particular kind of site (eg. Real Estate, Gaming, Sports, etc), you can simply choose a template that suits the kind of look you want the site to have. After purchasing the template, you can then make the necessary modifications that are relevant to the kind of site you are making.
  I have 10 pages on my site. Does this mean I have to buy the same template 10 times in order to use it?
  No, you only have to purchase the template once. Purchasing a template licenses you to use it on as many sites and pages as required.
  If I buy a template, do I have exclusive ownership of it?
  No. Your purchase is a license to use the template according to our Terms of Use. However, if you read the terms of use, you'll discover that really the only thing you can't do with a template you purchase is resell it elsewhere as a template.
  How and when will I receive my template(s) after I pay?
  If you pay by PayPal, instructions to download your templates will be emailed to you during 24 hours.
  How do I open a template once I have downloaded it?
  Templates are downloaded in .ZIP format to speed up downloading. To open these types of files you will need an unzipping tool. For Windows users, please visit or . For Mac users, please visit .
  What do I receive when I order a template from
  After you have successfully ordered from us, you will receive the following:
  • Download Instructions
    You will receive an email with instructions to download each of your templates.

  • An email receipt
    A comprehensive email receipt will be sent to you documenting your purchase.
  • Free email support
    By using the order number found in your email receipt, you can contact us at any time for free technical support by email.
  What is included in the template .ZIP files?
  The .ZIP files you are sent by email contain the following:
  • HTML file(s)
    This is the actual page template written in HTML code. The majority of our templates include a single HTML file, but some (such as our MultiPage web templates) may include more.

  • High-quality images
    These are the images that make up the template. They are provided at the highest possible quality to give you the opportunity to optimize the images if you wish.

  • PSD File ( only)
    Templates that have the PSD icon include their source PSD files. These can be used to further customize the template using Adobe Photoshop or any other program that can open PSD files.
  I bought/am thinking of buying a template, but I need some special modifications made. What do I do?
  Our templates are made in such a way that they should be fairly easy to modify. However, you can contact us if you would like us to do the modifications (for a small fee).
  Does the watermark and text on preview images come with the actual template?
  No, the prepurchase watermark and sample text ("Your Link", "Company Name", etc.) are not present on actual templates.
  Do I have provide a link back to or give you credit for the design?
  No, we do not require any links back to our site, nor any references to us being responsible for your site's design.
  Is the price of the template a one-time fee?
  Yes, the amount you pay for your template is a one-time fee -- there are no additional charges.
  I have a website about [subject] but you don't seem to have anything suitable in your Themed category. What should I do?
  We suggest looking at the templates in our other categories. Since they are generic and not oriented towards a particular subject, you can customize them to fit whatever kind of site you are making, be it an online business or a fan site dedicated to your favorite band.
  I bought a template but the included PSD file is the wrong color. Was I sent the wrong file?
  No, you were sent the correct file. If you open the PSD file and look at the layer list, you will find several Hue/Saturation layers near the top of the layer list (usually named after colors, such as 'blue', green' etc). Simply enable the appropriate layer to obtain the color you require.
  I bought a template but when I open the HTML file in my web browser/HTML editor the images are blank or missing. What's wrong?
  When unzipping the template .ZIP file, make sure your unzipping program restores the original folder structure. If you are using WinZip to extract the files, make sure the 'Use Folder Names' checkbox is checked.
  What HTML editors can I use to edit your templates?
  Our templates will work with any modern HTML or web-based editor. These include: If you use a HTML editor not listed above and would like to know if our templates are compatible with it, please let us know .
  How do I label the button images included with some of your templates?
  You can label the button images using an image editor, such as Adobe Photoshop , Paint Shop Pro , or The Gimp . Simply open the button image you wish to label in your image editor and use the text tool to create your label.
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