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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization To Get Most of Your Website

What is "Search Enging Optimization"?

Search engines bring most of the trafic to those sites that are using search engine optimization techniques to help their existing or potential customers find them on the Internet. Anyone can learn search engine optimization techniques, if sufficient time is spent on learning and practicing. But, not everyone has time to get distructed from their core business and it is more efficient and cheaper to hire a professional who can help you to optimize your site.

Internet community is growing on a daily basis and becoming an important and inexpensive source for finding new customers. But most of the companies that have

That's where search engine friendly web design comes in. Websites have to be built to rank well in search engines, and to rank well for the terms your potential customers will use to find what you have to offer. It doesn't "just happen" and it's no help if your website ranks as number 2,000,001.

Unfortunately, search engine friendly design is not intrinsically a part of "web design" in fact, it's unknown to most web designers.

Search engine friendly web design versus "The Invisible Web"
There is actually something called the "Invisible Web" websites that cannot be read at all by search engines. Unfortunately, this includes some databases and shopping carts, exactly the kinds of pages that need to be found online. So non-search-engine-friendly websites are not an option for most companies.

Help your customers to find you
The interesting effect of search engine friendly web design is that it enables people looking for what you have to offer to find your website.

As obvious as that sounds, what is happening is that, rather than you pushing your message out randomly to the world at large, potential customers are actually finding you. Search engine friendly design means creating pages that will help them do just that.

This includes building your website from the ground up to help search engines identify what you are offering. It also includes crafting the portion of the pages that show up as search engine listings the metatags.

What it does not include is weird tricks and methods that can cause your pages to be penalized, such as white text on a white background. Caveat emptor let the buyer beware.

A word about meta tags. "Meta tags" are the titles and descriptions you see in search engine listings. While meta tags are needed to encourage people to click on your link, the time when meta tags could dramatically boost a page's ranking is long past. That is, meta tags cannot rescue a poorly constructed website.

Search Engine Friendly Web Design
is not an afterthought
Websites must be created from the ground up to be search engine friendly. But trying make an existing website search engine friendly can be difficult, and can cost you more than if it was properly designed in the first place. The work of designing for search engines should be done while planning the other two major factors of websites design and marketing.

We carefully craft your web pages to be search engine friendly, melding the elements with the marketing aspects of the website so that they are an intrinsic whole.

Don't lose potential traffic because you're not in the search engines.

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